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In open card sorting sessions, the participants have full control over the organization and labeling of categories. They will sort topics and content into groups that they feel make sense and will suggest category names. Product descriptions might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many websites opt for a poorly written copy or just neglect it entirely. Ensure that you adequately describe what you’re selling and try to use keywords, but don’t force them in there if they don’t work.

And it’s because of the well-planned ecommerce website architecture design that such real-time communication is possible. First, if you have pages on your site that are some clicks away from your home page, search engines will have difficulty finding the pages. Second, site architecture sends link authority around the website. When you link high traffic pages, the page rank of your website’s pages will increase. The third and most important aspect is if your website architecture is well-done, users will be more comfortable while visiting your website, which helps your SEO.

Build a house for your recurring content

Learn how to speed up your WordPress website in 11 simple steps. I’ll only bring up two more important components, and the first is breadcrumbs navigation. Most websites supplement their header how to plan a website structure navigation with a footer. You’ll often see pages such as T&C, privacy policy, and other such boring stuff in there. It’s also worth checking whether you have any orphan pages on your website.

website architecture

It will step-by-step investigate the development recommendations of great website architecture. As far as search engines and how they read your site, Google in particular is very good at understanding logic at the directory level. The important pages are likely to be higher up in the site architecture and the lesser-used website pages will be lower in subpages.

What Does a Good Website Architecture Look Like?

Ensure your call-to-action is in line with the goals of the landing page. For instance, if you are selling a product, have a button featured above the fold that’s that encourages Steve to “Buy Now.” Having it above the fold ensures the CTA is easily and quickly found. That said, it’s always good to include one later for those who are more inclined to scroll. Save your customer the hassle of having to open up their email client or a social media app by including an easy-to-use form on your contact page. It isn’t difficult to do, in fact, WordPress has several handy plugins that will get one up and running in no time at all.

website architecture

In this regard, the microservice architecture means the creation of the application/website by arranging multiple services that have less coupling dependency between each other. This way, no questions and uncertainty arose during the design of the functional prototypes and finished web designs. There are 90 some such prototypes for the example project above. The first web page prototype should be shown to decision-makers, and the reason for the layout should be explained to them. That’s OK, because having this done on a low-fidelity prototype is much easier than if we had a higher-fidelity prototype.

Use HTML and XML Sitemaps

Once you are happy with your website’s style, you’ll also want to see how you can spread that style across your social media and other online channels. Design consistency at every point your prospects and clients find you will reinforce your position and make it easier to remember your firm. “We believe architects should be able to focus on designing great buildings, instead of websites.” If your website is difficult to read or use from a mobile device, they are more likely to leave out of frustration. If you prefer to DO-It-Yourself, keep reading to learn how each of these factors impact your architecture firm website and the actions to take to make improvements. A deployment service like Netlify helps you build, deploy and host your frontend.

Once the project specification is approved, website development starts. As the result, we will have validated and improved the user-friendliness of our web page prototypes and we get a better picture of how users would be interacting with the site. Indirect competitors are competitors who offer similar products, but only partially satisfy the target audience’s needs. As you see, the ideal web architect in my mind should be a broad specialist, because, as you’ll soon see below, there’s no getting away from that. In this article, I’ll share our company’s process for architecting large websites. When I started writing about website architecture, the idea of a skyscraper construction project came to mind.

Starter apps

Your online shop architecture should concern both back-end and front-end that secure scalability and flexibility of your website. But it also relates to the system of search and information you organize for better consumer experiences. And oftentimes, retailers struggle balancing these two aspects. Join our mission to provide industry-leading digital marketing services to businesses around the globe – all while building your personal knowledge and growing as an individual. This is the most time-consuming component of this stage and requires a lot of patience and attentiveness. In the case of large websites, there could be over 100 unique interface prototypes.

website architecture

Furthermore, the enterprise architecture diagram includes third parties and the primary functionalities of each system, which help explain the role that each entity plays in your architecture. According to an article byMedium, there are two mandatory and one highly recommended (but use case-specific) diagram that every ecommerce architecture should have. Just as it sounds, the presentation layer is the part that is presented to the customer. Now it’s time to put what you’ve learned here into action and start reaping the benefits of a well-organized Creating an XML sitemap is one of the best ways to help search engines crawl your website. Breadcrumbs are internal links appearing just above a page’s title, allowing users to track the path they took to that page.

Why should you care about good website architecture?

Click on any errors you may find to get more details about how you can improve your site. For example, here is a list of sitemap pages with formatting errors, as identified by the tool. We can see links from the homepage to the individual product page. It’s easy to keep a consistent URL structure when you use your content pillars and clusters for reference. It’s important to keep URLs clear and consistent because Google uses them to understand the hierarchy and structure of your website. Content pillars are your main, broader categories of content.

  • But it also relates to the system of search and information you organize for better consumer experiences.
  • Simply put, it’s a home page, the top-level pages, and then the subpages or child pages.
  • You might also want to include notes about how things might be presented.
  • Just like a building’s design has to create a sense of harmony and consistency, your website design architecture must follow suit.
  • Second, you need to hire a professional ecommerce agency that will map out the logic of your store and provide a future-proof solution for your business.
  • The first is the client side, which is where the user interface runs, and the second is the server side, which holds database data.

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